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Who says I don't like firefighters...

by Shawn Claussen on 05/24/15

DSS has been very busy the last 3 weeks!

On May 7th DSS hosted the DSS Tactical Carbine Class. There were 2 firefighters included amongst the students. One of which is an old friend to DSS, Scott Preston. Scott owns Fusil Corp and in usual, very generous, Scot-fashion, he donated over $250 dollars in prizes for the shootoffs and free Slip 2000 SWAG to all of the students. Again, Scott is a very generous person and has been very supportive of DSS over the years. I'm very grateful to have Scott as a friend.

On May 16th DSS conducted a special Intro Pistol Class for a group of Maquoketa Firefighters. The class was arranged by Chief Mark Beck and consisted of 6 Maquoketa Fire Fighters. Maquoketa utilizes an all volunteer force made up of very dedicated community members. These firefighters are not compensated in any way for the very much needed service that they provide to the citizens of Maquoketa. Maquoketa is very fortunate to have these fine, outstanding and dedicated memberes of the fire service!

On May 21st DSS conducted another Intro Pistol Course and continuing with a theme, there was another firefighter in this class as well. This course had some of the best shooters in it that DSS has ever had. The students asked very poignant questions and listened to instructions which allowed them to fix their mistakes quickly and increase their new-found skill set.

We have a busy summer scheduled. Contact DSS to see how you can get signed up for a course, today!   shawn@dynamicshootingsystems.com