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What Happens If...

by Shawn Claussen on 11/15/13

I get asked this question a lot as if answering the question will provide a solution for every problem out there. It is impossible. That is why DSS is a principle based learning system. If you adhere to a few simple principles they most likely can be applied to the majority of situations that you may find yourself in.

Take empty hand skills for example. How many out there stay up on those skills compared to buying the newest accesory out of the Brownells catalog thinking that more hardware will solve a software problem? In my experience, your deadly force engagement will require physical combative skills to solve the problem long before it goes the way of having to use your firearm as a last resort, to save your life. Want an example? Imagine if George Zimmerman would have some rudimentary training in empty hand skills and practiced somewhat regularly? That situation would have ended up drastically different.

It helps to start early. The picture you see above is my 11 year old son during his first USA Boxing sanctioned boxing match. The photo was featured in HolAmerica! a midwest hispanic newspaper. Jake has been training under Ramiro "Jr" Hernandez, a contract UFC fighter and has been sparring at Alley Cat Boxing in Moline, IL and Ramsey's Gym in Rock Island, IL. Jake has learned the value of hard work and found out the truth in all martial training; you got to take an ass beating to give an ass beating. Jake has learned to remain calm when things become physical and to keep his head. He deals with conflict in a very calm and relaxed way and the last thing that he thinks about is going to fists. If left with no other choice but to go hands on, he is much better prepared to deal with the situation than his peers.

So next time instead of spending your moola on the newest tritium death ray blaster sight for handgun, think about spending about 15 minutes visiting with your heavy bag instead. It will pay off in the long run.