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The Future of Law Enforcement in Iowa...

by Shawn Claussen on 06/05/15

I had the privilege of being asked to assist in instructing firearms for the Basic Academy Class at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. My longtime friend Dan Lentsch who is a full time instructor at ILEA invited me to come and help him teach. Dan is a really good, solid dude who is trying to bring the firearms program at the ILEA into the modern area. He also has plans to bring in outside instructors to the academy so officers will not have to travel all over the country to attend quality, top notch training. If anybody can get it done it will be Dan.

I had the chance to talk with several of the officers who were attending the Basic Course. This is the course that certifies police officers in the State of Iowa. Everyone I talked to was very outgoing, personable and were motivated to be there and exited about there future career. It was a good mix of people that were attending the academy and they represent a cross section of different types of personalities, education and work history that will benefit the citizens of the communities in which they serve. As I get older and more cynical it would have been easy to say that a generational gap exists between those who got into law enforcement when I did and the new generation getting ready to start their careers. I did not notice that at all. These gals and guys seemed to understand what their job will require of them and they seemed prepared to meet the challenge their new career will throw at them. I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to put on the red polo and teach this next generation of officers that all Iowans will be proud to have serve and protect in their communities.

If your in law enforcement, get a hold of Dan Lentsch at ILEA and see what training events he has upcoming for you: