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Please Get My Good Side...

by Shawn Claussen on 02/26/16

I had the opportunity to give an interview to the local news outfit, KWQC 6, to speak about the 5 firearms related bills that passed the Iowa House and has moved onto the Iowa Senate.

While I don't normally wade into the cesspool of politics as it typically turns out to be a powder keg of uneducated emotion, one of the bills affected me personally. 

It's asinine that Iowa law prohibits those under the age of 14 to even touch a handgun. The current bill will repeal that with some restrictions. My son Jacob has been shooting pistol competition for the past couple of years. I have found it rather ironic that to lawfully do this we have had to go to one of the most gun rights restricted states in the union, Illinois, to participate in this activity, which allows youths to do so.

The arguments from the uneducated, gun hating liberals vary from roving bands of 'utes shooting up the streets with legally provided handguns to a substantial increase in youth injuries and deaths. I have also heard someone state that the law protects youth from irresponsible parents.

Now do you really think irresponsible parents are all of a sudden going to be responsible enough to abide by this? Hell no, that is why they are irresponsible in the first place. They don't care about any of our laws and are going to continue to be irresponsible whether or not this law gets passed or doesn't.

The facts are this:

1.   Those under the age of 14 can already handle and fire shotguns and, hold on to your hats, those "evil" assault rifles, under Iowa law.

I subscribe to you that handguns are the least powerful of the 3 weapon systems mentioned.

So using the "antis" logic we are currently arming our youth with with the most powerful weapon systems currently available. Where is the outcry over this current situation??? I guess all of those high school trap shooting clubs are negatively impacting our youth ( VERY HEAVY SARCASM IMPLIED!!)

2.   The National Safety Council publishes a report every year that lists the causes for deaths to include accidental deaths in the United States. I quote the stats for the year 2000.

Those under the age of 14 die from:

16 times more likely to die from cancer
4   times more likely to die from respiratory disease
3   times more likely to die from doctor's negligence
2   times more likely to die from car accidents

than dying from any type of firearm use.

Let's break it down even further into accidental deaths. The total number of accidental deaths due to firearms in the US in the year 2000 for those age 14 and younger were:


Kids 14 and younger were 3 times more likely to die from choking on food and 12 times more likely to die from drowning.

None of the realities of these statistics stops parents from feeding their kids, taking them to the pool, exposing them to filthy homes and second hand smoke or taking them to the doctor or riding in a car or schoolbus, yet statistics proves that these activities are inherently more dangerous to them then exposing them to firearms, responsibly or not.

So before firing off your enlightening Facebook post from the safety of your mom's basement, get the facts before you let the entire world know how much you really don't know.

Check out the news story here: 

Thanks to Shelby Shepherd of KWQC for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to present an informed opinion.