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Kydex Holster Making 101...Fusil Corp Holsters

by Shawn Claussen on 06/20/13

I am fortunate in that I have met some really great people through contact with DSS. One of those persons is Scott Preston. Scott owns Fusil Corp which is a FFL Licensed Gun Shop. He also sells all sorts of accessories and is a dealer for Condor Outdoor, Slip 2000, Midway USA and Glock Inc. amongst others. In this day and age of shady characters and buyer beware, you can be rest assured that any transaction with Fusil Corp will be carried out with the utmost of personal integrity and professional business acumen. You will be treated with respect and will receive friendly and curteous service when you deal with Fusil Corp.

One of the services that Fusil Corp offers is custom Kydex holsters. When Scott said that he was thinking about making holsters, I was a bit skeptical. I have the ole box o'holsters from some of the most well known holster makers that I no longer use because they didn't meet my needs. Scott made a couple of different holsters for me in the beginning and I ended up providing some input into how they could be made better. Scott was open to these suggestions and now incorporates them into his designs. Not only has Scott met my needs in what I look for in a holster but I now use his holsters exclusively. I have over 10 of his holsters and I can't think of a better endorsement than that.

Scott has a background in machining and fabrication in the custom automobile parts aftermarket. He brings this knowledge to Fusil Corp. Unlike a lot of basement holster duffers, he was set-up for production from day 1. Scott can produce many holsters in a day and this is from a guy who has 2 full time jobs.

I completed a long term project in customizing my Browning Hi-Power. I went to Scott to produce a holster that met my needs. I would like to walk you through the process so you have a better understanding of how Fusil Corp makes some of the best Kyex Holsters.

Why Kydex? Well it holds it shape through a wide variety of weather conditions. It will not rot or fall apart. It is virtually indestructable to impacts and scrapes and scuffs. It can be had in any color. It also remains open so your firearm can be re-holstered easily.

Scott begins any project with a basic lay-out. I specified a "Pancake" style holster which means two flat pieces of Kydex, molded then riveted together to form a pouch for the gun. I specified what we have dubbed "Taco" style of magazine pouches. These consist of a single piece of Kydex that is heated, then folded before forming then attches to a clip on one side of the pouch. These are minimalist in nature and takes up the least amount of space on a belt. Scott measures, then custom cuts the pieces of Kydex to fit your specific firearm and accesories. Scott will then cut dies usually out of wood to take into account the controls of your firearm and sights. These will be fastened to the firearm or accesory before forming. Scott then heats the Kydex until it is soft and pliable then forms it around your firearm by placing it in a foam lined press.

Once the holster is formed, Scott will mark out the basic design and shape. I like my holsters cut low to allow for a full firing grip on the draw. This requires no material in the area of the front strap and trigger guard area. This is tricky because retention is based on the ejection port and trigger guard, so you cant trim too much away. Once the basic shape is traced out, the pieces are clamped together then all of the excess is trimmed away. After this is completed then shaping and polishing of the edges are done.

Scott allows me to do the initial large cuts as he figures I can't screw that up too much. I have tried to do the final shaping and polishing and it usually ends up with me taking off too much material or launching the holster across the room or getting the bill of my beloved TMACS hat caught in the sander. There is something to be said about a practiced hand and Scott's background in maching and fabrication really shines in this most important step. After shaping and polishing it is now time for riveting and fitting of the belt loops. The last step is setting retention by heat. Scott employs an adjustment screw just in front of the trigger guard.

The final product:

Scott is the type of guy that is in a constant pursuit of perfection. I have seen him scrap an entire holster at the last step just because it didn't meet his quality control. He is not the type of guy that is just going to half-ass something just to get it to work. He will start over just to get it right and it won't leave his shop until it is right. If you get your holster and you are not happy with it, Scott will do whatever it takes to get it right to your specifications.

If you are looking for custom made Kydex holsters, look no further than Fusil Corp. The quality, customer service and functionality can't be beat. You will not be disappointed with a Fusil Corp holster.