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Friends like these

by Shawn Claussen on 05/31/13

The goateed individual that you see above is Jud Starn. He is the owner of Sand Hill Firearm Training out of Palo, IA. Jud is also one of only 11 Vickers Tactical Regionally Endorsed Instructors in the United States, authorized to teach the Vickers Shooting Method. You apparently have been living under a rock if you don't know who Larry Vickers is. I met Jud at a Larry Vickers pistol course and we shared not only similar interests but also the same kind of humor. He has hosted me for several courses at his training facility in Palo, IA. These classes have been wildly successful and I can't thank Jud enough for all of his hard work and due diligence in getting these classes up and running.

I have been fortunate enough to acquaint myself with several, salt of the earth, local trainers during my travels. Jud definately stands out in that regard. He is one of the few people left on this earth who is a "man of his word" and lives up to that standard every day. It seems there are more and more snake oil salesman getting into the training business every day. It is refreshing to meet and ultimately become aligned with someone like Jud who will always keep his personal integrity intact, no matter what.

If you are looking for firearms training in the Cedar Rapids area or you are just looking to attend a class that will satisfy the training requirement for weapon permit applicants, your search should stop at Sand Hill Firearms Training. Tell Jud DSS sent you!