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DSS Still going strong through the winter of 2016!!

by Shawn Claussen on 01/03/16

DSS can't seem to slow down over the winter months. I have been contacted to hold several different types of classes recently.

For those DSS Alumnus who need to get a class completed so that they can renew their Carry Permits, DSS is offering a CCW Renewal Class on Thursday Jan. 21, 2016 at the 61 Drive-In in Maquoketa,IA. The class will be for those who have completed a DSS Class ONLY and will be from 0800 - 0900. It will include a legal update and firing the Performance Evaluation from the DSS Intro Pistol Class. You have to fire at least an 80% to earn a certificate from this class. The class requires 25rds of ammunition.

For those that want to stick around and work on pistol skills, I plan on staying around until 1200 and will offer some mini classes on Drawing from Concealment, Marksmanship Principles and One Handed Firing. Bring plenty of Ammo!!! There will probably be a pot o' chilli present to help warm up your bellies, as well.

Cost for the DSS Renewal Class will be $25. Contact Shawn at shawn@dynamicshootingsystems.com or give me a call to get signed-up for this class.