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DSS Goin Global!!!

by Shawn Claussen on 06/12/13

Imagine my surprise that when I went to look for a new pair of hockey skates for my son, (Dang kids and there always present growth spurts!!!) that a major manufacturer of foowear has chosen to partner with DSS ( I wish) and emblazon the outside of their skates with "DSS." On a serious note, I think that it is pretty damn cool that my son will be rockin skates with DSS on the side during this year's upcoming hockey season. If you are an old or new school hockey player, come play with us at the Middle Park Lagoon in Bettendorf this winter. Pond hockey is where it's at and we are usually there 3-5 nights a week. Oh and the other picture above would be Jacob just beginning what would turn out to be a "cataclysmic event" for the opposing player. If hockey teaches you anything it is to keep your head up. Kinda like searching and assessing, huh?