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DSS 1 finishes in last place...and proud of it

by Shawn Claussen on 12/05/13

This past Sunday, Dec1 I shot the USPSA at West Liberty Gun Club. In looking at the results I finished in last place. This was by design. I shot the match trying to adhere to the principles that I teach in all DSS class. I was not concerned about my time as I worked through each stage by ensuring I got my hits, not hitting friendlies, maximizing use of available cover, not over exposing myself to threat targets, reloading behind cover, using a concealment garment and engaging the threat until it goes down. I also shot a firearm that I haven't shot for years, the S&W 5906, to impose just a little bit more stress.

The photos that you see above are me shooting from a kneeling position behind cover only exposing myself enough to get sights and rounds on target. Nobody else shot that target from this position. They shot it fully exposed from a standing position as that is the quickest way to competitively shoot it.

The second photo shows me conducting a reload behind cover. Again this eats up time instead of reloading in the open. When the targets are shooting back, everyone becomes an adherent to the principle of proper use of cover. If you don't train this way you will have little success in utilizing cover and manipulating your firearm while under Sympathetic Nervous System activation. And you will lose the fight.

At least once a year I try to shoot a match in this fashion just to reaffirm that I am able to practice what I preach on a course of fire that I didn't set-up and under time constraints not of my own choice. Sounds a little more in line with what my experience has shown me to be the case.

I strongly encourage you to shoot a match in this fashion to see what sticks when you throw it against the wall!!!