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Council Bluffs Mobile Training 2013

by Shawn Claussen on 08/14/13

DSS just completed two courses in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Rob Schoening of Loess Hills Gun and Knife had contacted me and was interested in hosting both classes. I met Rob at a Vickers Tactical course that I had hosted. Rob is a full time firefighter as well as being in the Air Force Reserves. Rob  is the owner of Loess Hills Gun and Knife and is the brainchild behind the VST series of Randall Knives. Rob has thrown his hat into the training realm and offers training through LHGK. Rob is a man of very high personal integrity and I have come to call him a friend. I was humbled and honored that he asked me to come to Council Bluffs and teach.

The first class that I taught was the DSS Low to No Light course. The vast majority of gun owners in this country do not undertake any training whatsoever. It's the law of the 4 F's. The vast majority of those that do seek out training will never train in Low to No Light conditions. This does not reflect the reality of deadly force engagements. NIBRS and US DOJ stats show that more than 60% of civilian use of deadly force engagements happen during the hours of low to no light. Why aren't you training in Low to No Light conditions?

The Council Bluffs DSS Low to No Light course was made up of several weapon permit holders, some .mil personnel and one full time overseas paramilitary contractor that is employed by the world's largest government contracting company. The experience level ranged from never having shot in Low to No Light to those that train regularly in those conditions. After a short brief and med and safety protocols were put into place, we kicked off the class. They were exposed to a couple different techniques and asked to choose two and work those for the rest of the class. We worked primary techniques while still in Low Light then worked navigate, identify and engagement techniques in No Light. Everyone in the class was diligent in practicing the techniques and there were no safety issues. Everyone asked pertinent questions and were open to suggestions on how to improve their techniques. To borrow an old saying, they had their brain housing groups set to "receive". The class culminated in a practical application exercise that tested their ability to use what was presented in the class.

This was a great class and I would like to thank all of the participants in the class for their participation and warm reception to DSS.

After not enough sleep, DSS kicked off the DSS Shotgun course the following day. This class was a 1/3rd the size of the Low Light Class which made it more manageable and provided for more individual attention. We discussed the 4M's and how they would apply in this course then moved immediately into zeroing and patterning. Next was working on shotgun manipulation which took us up to lunch. The property owner was in the class. "Opie" as he was called was a gracious host and provided a great property to train on. Not only was he the range maintainer but whipped up some brats that Rob provided for everyone and steaks that would make Bobby Flay take notice. I can't thank "Opie" enough for his hospitality.

After lunch the class lived up to it's title and became more "Dynamic." We worked on positional shooting from cover as well as multiple target engagements and shooting on the move. After a performance evaluation that exposed some weaknesses, we had a short graduation ceremony and called it a day.

Again this class like the first was free of jackasses and assclowns. I would like to thank them as well for their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

A huge thanks to Rob Schoening for hosting DSS in Council Bluffs. There is a need for this type of training as Council Bluffs was #69 on the 100 most violent cities in the US for 2013 and the only entry from Iowa. Rob's professionalism and attention to detail paid off as all I had to do was come in and teach. He had all of the logistics squared away and was gracious enough to allow me to stay at his house as well. I always try to align myself with those of the highest moral value and who conducted themselves in an ethically professional manner. Rob exemplies this not only in his professional life but in his personal life as well. I can't say enough good things about Rob and Loess Hills Gun and Knife. If you are in the market for a Randall knife or are seeking out training in western Iowa, I strongly encourage you to seek him out.