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Back in Black...

by Shawn Claussen on 04/02/16

Well look who is back!!! I ran into my good friend Scott Preston the other day and asked if he is still crafting kydex goodness. He sure is and has restructured under the name of:  Fusil Custom. He is now taking custom orders for any need that you may have for kydex. What you see in my not so little hand is a custom kydex sheath that Scott made for me for my NOK knife. I use the NOK knife in my edged weapons training as it allows you to go pretty much full speed without causing injury to your partner. I have been working my grappling every week lately trying to get prepared for the upcoming ECQC class at the end of May. I've also added a day of striking with my shift mate Ryan Thompson who has been a long time Miletich Fighting System gym rat for many years. Hopefully all this recent training will help me get my ass kicked less during the course.

If you have a need for any type of kydex gear, Scott will be able to design exactly what your wishing for with a perfectly executed product. This dude obsesses over every little detail and won't ship you a product until it meets his high standards. On more than one occasion I have seen Scott pitch a creation into the trash can after working on it for several hours just because it didn't meet his expectations. Scott will exceed your expectations.

Check out for all your kydex needs!!!