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Dynamic Shooting Systems, LLC.
DSS, LLC.   Introductory Pistol
This is the class that started DSS!  It is designed for the first time gun buyer, those that are seeking out professional instruction, shooters who are looking for a deep understanding of firearms safety and a grounding in fundamental firearms marksmanship as well as the weapon permit applicant in the State of Iowa.

Our curicullum exceeds the training standard as set forth by Iowa Code 724.9. Our instructors have the real world experience of applying the justified use of force, sucessfully defending their actions in both the criminal and civil court systems and are recognized experts in the application and teaching of the justified use of deadly force. Our curricullum is reviewed and updated through case law and recent court rulings.

You can be assured that any course taught by DSS, LLC. will not only be court defensible but will contain the most up to date techniques to give you the best opportunity to win the deadly force engagement.

At DSS, LLC. we embrace the saying "Performance on Demand" and live it through our experience.
The Introductory Pistol Course is a 1 Day, 10 Hour course.

Cost is $150

Introductory Pistol                                                                                                                          For Intro Pistol you will need:               

Iowa State Code                                                                                                                
Civil Liability Concerns                                                                                                                   200 rds of ammunition
Physiological Realities of Deadly Force                                                                                    A functional pistol of .380 ACP or greater
Personal defense mindset                                                                                                               At least 3 magazines
Performance factors                                                                                                                         A belt holster
Weapons safety                                                                                                                                   Magazine Pouches
Weapon Nomenclature                                                                                                                    A sturdy belt
Marksmanship Principles                                                                                                               ANSI rated eye  and hearing protection
Threat Assesment and Engagement Sequence                                                                      Appropriate range clothing including rain gear
Dry Fire Drills                                                                                                                                      Pen and Paper and a folding chair
Live Fire Drills                                                                                                                                     Water and snacks
Performance Evaluation                                                                                                                  A somewhat tolerable attitude