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​"I had the opportunity to go through your introductory pistol class. The instructor and format of the class could not have been better. I would recommend this class to anyone that owns a hand gun. Thank you, DSS!!”

Joe Valentine
Bettendorf, IA

“My experience with Dynamic Shooting Systems was terrific. Shawn’s teaching style and knowledge about firearms exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone that is interested in firearm safety and shooting techniques. Thank you very much Shawn.”

Nick Nelson
Rock Island, IL

The instruction I received from Dynamic Shooting Systems was very valuable. Shawn is very knowledgeable in the field and took the time to make certain EVERY aspect of the training was understood. The education I received as well as the one on one attention to detail I received, gave me the knowledge I need to understand my weapon. I highly recommend Dynamic Shooting Systems for all levels of instruction and will definitely take additional advanced classes.

Cindy Hoker
DeWitt, IA

"Shawn,thank you so much for sharing your expertise and working with me as a novice gun handler. Your class was awesome. In addition to weapon handling procedures and actual shooting technique, the information you provided surrounding private carry was priceless.The knowledge and confidence in weapon handling I now possess, will allow me to relax when shooting recreationally and to recognize unsafe behavior in others. Thanks to you and the organized presentation in your class, I am now a confident and safe gun handler."

Michael Fitzgerald
Bettendorf, IA

Shawn,your class was the second time I had taken training on hand gun safety. I learned more in that day of training than all the reading and classes in the past year put together.Your knowledge of hand gun safety and handling are second to none. Your instructional technique was highly effective.You took the time to answer any questions on deciphering the laws as they are interpreted. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who owns a pistol whether they want a permit to carry or not. I plan to take the next level of training this summer.

Mike Spaete
Bettendorf, IA