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DSS Skills Courses
DSS Skill Courses are 8 Hours and require 500 rds minimum.

The DSS Skills Courses are designed to expose you to the most up to date firearms manipulation techniques.  Our instructors have experience of teaching for several civillian and law enforcement organizations ranging from the local to national level. Our instructors continue their education by attending several nationally recognized training courses put on by instructors such as Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical, Pat McNamara of TMACS, Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts, Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical,  "Super" Dave Harrington of Martial Gun, Paul Howe of CSAT, Dave Grossman of Killology Research group, Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical Technologies, Chris Costa of Magpul Dynamics, Frank Proctor of Way of the Gun and Dale McClellan of Blackwater.  Our instructors are also not afraid to demonstrate their profiency in their shooting skills and compete regularly at practical shooting competitions. They hold several local, state and regional titles.

You can be assured that in every DSS Skills Course you will be shown what it takes to successfully manipulate your chosen firearm under any and all conditions so that you wil be able to confidently deliver " Performance on Demand!" 
DSS Practical Pistol         Course Content:                                
4 Rules of Firearms Safety 
4 M's 
Marksmanship Principles 
Malfunction Clearance  
Weapon & Support Hand Only Skills    
Positional Shooting 
Combat Loads and Reloads
Effective Use of Cover 
Shooting while Moving To and From Cover
Threat Assessment and Engagement Sequence
Shooting  From and Around Vehicles 
DSS Practical Carbine          Course Content:                   
4 Rules of Firearms Safety
4 M's
Dynamic Shooting Platform                    
Engagement out to 200 yds  
Use of the Combat Optic and Iron Sights
Ballistic Realities and Myths
Rifle Set-Up and Zeroing Procedures
Basic Rifle Marksmanship 
Positional Shooting
Weapon Manipulation
Combat Loading and Reloading
Proper Use of Available Cover
Transition to Pistol
Multiple Shots and Multiple Targets
Shooting on the Move
Threat Assessment and Engagement Sequence
Equipment List for Pistol Classes:

Serviceable Pistol of at least .380
500 rds of Ammo
3 magazines    Magazine Pouches
Holster  Gun belt   Eye and Ear Pro
Appropriate Clothing   Sunscreen
Water and Snacks     Folding Chair
The proper attitude for learning

DSS Skills Courses              DSS Shotgun             DSS Low/No Light
Equipment List for Carbine Classes:

Serviceable Carbine (No .22lr ),  Sling
Servicable Handgun of at least .380
500 rds of  Rifle Ammo,  50 rds  pistol
3 Rifle Mags, 2 Pistol Mags & Pouch
Holster  Gun belt   Eye and Ear Pro
Appropriate Clothing   Sunscreen
Water and Snacks     Folding Chair
The proper attitude for learning

Shotgun still viable?
Type and Ammo Selection
Engagement out to 100 yd
Proper Weapon Manipltion
Irons and Optics
Marksmanship Fundmentl
Multiple Shots
Multiple Targets
Shotgun Set-up and Acc

Pump or Semi 20 ga or above
Servicable Handgun of at least .380
300 rds of birdshot, 25 slug, 25 00
50 rds of Pistol Ammo, Holster, Mag
Why train in Low/No Light
Low/No Light Realities
Equipment Types and Requirements
Low/No Light Navigation
Locate, Identify and Engagement 
Weapon Manipulation w/ Light
Weapon/Light Carry Techniques

Low/No Light

Serviceable Handgun of at least .380
400 rds of Ammo
3 magazines, mag pouch
Holster, Gun Belt, Ear/Eye Pro
Appropriate Clothing, Water/Snacks
DSS Skills Courses cost $ 150 each.
All DSS Skills Courses are from 0800-1600 hours.