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​     edicated towards providing you with the most up to
 date, court defensible training in the justified use of deadly
 force. Our curriculum is based upon the experience
 we have gained instructing for regional and national
 organizations. We have the expertise that comes from
 testifying in both criminal and civil court, justifying use of
 force actions.


     ystematic defines what we do. Our classes are taught in a 
  friendly, easy to learn, professional range environment. We will
  show you what works, and explain why. We take the crawl, 
  walk, run approach to training so that you can easily transition
  to more advanced classes based upon a solid foundation that is
  found in every DSS course.


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   uccess is found through our adherence to the DSS training 
philosophy of the " 4 Ms." This training methodology is based on our experience and training which has shown us what works and what doesn't when you are presented with a deadly force threat and your body activates it's Sympathetic Nervous System.